thyssenkrupp elevator migration

project description

ThyssenKrupp Elevator has more than 33,000 employees distributed globally with local IT departments operating their own on-premises email environments. This meant the subsidiary had 18 separate Source environments from which it needed to migrate mailboxes to Office 365. Overhead for the local installation of a migration tool in each environment would have greatly increased project costs, which led orange networks to look for a SaaS-based solution with no on-prem hardware or installations needed.

business need

In addition, the complexity of migrating a subsidiary with this many individual Exchange instances in separate countries meant orange networks spent a significant amount of time consulting with and planning for the migration. This included performing trial migrations to test data transfer speeds, understanding how local firewalls interacted with the migration solution, and planning for technical support throughout the duration of the project.


With the help of MigrationWiz and BitTitan technical partner strategists, orange networks completed the migration of over 33,000 subsidiary employees from their local Source environments to Office 365 in just five months – with minimal escalations post-cutover from end users.

orange networks selected MigrationWiz for several reasons. As a solution entirely based in the cloud, MigrationWiz requires no on-prem installations or hardware installed at the Source environment, reducing the time and complexity required to configure the project – in this case, saving orange networks from having to touch all 18 Source environments individually.

The SaaS architecture and central management console enabled orange networks to manage this global project and migrate users around the clock, increasing overall migration speeds and simplifying the transition to Office 365. Because of the success of this migration, orange networks is now in talks with the customer for additional migration projects with user numbers in the tens of thousands.

  • Efficient Migration: With the help of MigrationWiz, orange networks was able to complete the migration of a significant number of users to Office 365 in a relatively short timeframe.
  • Minimal Post-transition Issues: Use of MigrationWiz resulted in minimal escalations from end users post-cutover, highlighting the seamless transition process facilitated by the solution.
  • Cloud-based Solution: As MigrationWiz is an entirely cloud-based solution, it circumvents the need for on-prem installations or hardware, reducing time, cost, and complexity.
  • Simplified Project Configuration: The cloud-based nature of MigrationWiz allowed for the configuration of the project without having to individually handle each of the 18 Source environments.
  • Central Management: The SaaS architecture and central management console enabled orange networks to manage the global project effectively, allowing for 24/7 user migration.
  • Increased Migration Speed: The ability to migrate users around the clock significantly increased overall migration speeds, reducing the amount of downtime required for the transition.
  • Simplified Transition: The use of MigrationWiz simplified the overall transition to Office 365, minimizing disruptions to business operations.
  • Future Opportunities: The success of this migration project using MigrationWiz and BitTitan has opened dialogue for future migration projects, demonstrating the capability and efficiency of the utilized solutions.

project information

  • client : Thyssen Krupp Elevator
  • sector : industry
  • category : exchange migration
  • duration : 5 Months