capveriant cloud-readiness

project description

Capveriant, an established FinTech start-up, reached out to orange networks for the development of an operational platform and the provision of the required IT infrastructure, based on a cloud-only approach. The project's focus was on implementing a multi-level, Kubernetes-based development environment in Azure. In addition, specific regulatory requirements applicable to financial sector companies needed to be considered and met.

business need

The core requirements of the project included rapid implementation of a stable IT backbone, meeting regulatory requirements and creating agility for future scaling. Capveriant's objective was to establish a solid technology stack to develop innovative FinTech solutions and accelerate market entry.


orange networks implemented an Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) based development environment, supplemented with compliance modules to meet the specific regulatory requirements of the financial industry.

  • Flexibility: The cloud-based infrastructure provides the required scalability and flexibility.
  • Speed: The cloud-only approach increased the speed of implementation and market entry.
  • Cost-efficiency: Cloud usage enables precise billing and control of IT costs.
  • Regulatory compliance: The implementation of compliance modules ensures adherence to sector-specific regulatory requirements.
  • Stability and security: orange networks ensures high availability and data security with Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS).
  • Consistency: Kubernetes promotes development processes and ensures consistent deployment of applications.
  • Future-proof: The solution is designed for future growth and scalability.
  • Innovation: Creation of a robust technology platform enabling the development and launch of new FinTech solutions.

project information

  • client : capveriant
  • sector : finance
  • category : cloud-readiness
  • duration : 9 Months