Access Outlook Calendar with Bot Framework and Microsoft Graph

This article is based on the exercises from our workshop "Chat-bot-in-a-Day". To make everything smooth for our readers and as well as the participants in our workshops we use Gitpod(dot)io, an Online IDE based on VS Code. Meaning that you can develop and run the bot in the cloud, no wasted time installing Visual Studio, dotnet or any additional binary. Initially, we faced issues to run ASPNET Core applications on Gtipod, we reached out and their team jumped right into it and solved it in no time.  

In Bot User Authentication

In Bot User Authentication  Bots have become the center of integration of the whole teams, enabling tasks as varied as automating stand up meetings, managing your Kanban board, creating reminders, and that directly from your favorite Instant Messaging platform. In this post, we will explore integration of Office 365 services into a bot. 

Introducing LUIS.AI

Bots are very trendy in world of technology right now. Under the right circumstances, they can be very useful and practical especially with the great shift on how we consume information in the modern world. Nowadays messaging apps are very common for personal use and work and companies are working hard to utilize them to better serve their customers. Building bots has become very easy with services like Microsoft Bot Framework which offers a great deal of features and capabilities. This is all very nice until you need to communicate with the bot via natural language. Unless your team has an expert on the field and a ton of data to train a custom build language understanding system you are out of luck.

Introduction to the Dispatch CLI - Bot Builder Tool

In the previous article, we introduced Ludown, LUIS, QnA Maker, and MSBot CLI tools. With these, we created two cognitive services (LUIS application, QnA Maker Knowledgebase) and we configured the .bot file to make use of those. But what if we have more than just two Cognitive Services, this is solved with the Dispatch LUIS Application. The Dispatch app is another LUIS instance that decides which Cognitive Service is the correct one for the request. Fig. 1. Dispatch determining the correct Cognitive Service for the request As seen on the image the request is initially forwarded to the Dispatch Luis application, it returns the intent which defines which is the appropriate Cognitive Service, which in the end gets the request. Benefits:Reduced cost. Training the bot would be a burden but that is solved with the Dispatch CLI. This article builds upon the previous article "Learn the Bot Builder Tools", to follow along with this article completing the first one is a prerequisite. The...

Microsoft Chatbot-in-a-Day Roadshow durch Deutschland

Ab dem 20. März 2018 startet Microsoft die Chatbot-in-a-Day Roadshow durch Deutschland. Der Event am 13.04.2018 wird in Kooperation mit der Orange Networks in München ausgerichtet. Erfahren Sie in diesem kostenlosen Workshop für IT Entscheider mehr über Einsatzbereiche und Integrationsmöglichkeiten und bauen Sie selbst in kürzester Zeit Ihren eigenen Bot. Künstliche Intelligenz (KI) ist laut Gartner ist einer der wichtigsten IT Trends 2018 für kleine und mittelständische Unternehmen sowie Konzerne. KI ist nicht neu. Laut CIO waren zum Beispiel Chatbots bei den IT Trends 2017 schon auf Platz 2. Bekannte Unternehmen in Deutschland haben bereits Chatbots entwickelt und sehen sie als Notwendigkeit für Ihre digitale Transformation: . Haben auch Sie Interesse eine individuelle Chatbot Strategie für Ihr Unternehmen zu entwickeln? Dann melden Sie sich hier an und erfahren Sie mehr wie eine erfolgreiche Integration von KI-Diensten...
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