IniConfigurator .NET Core 3.0

Windows Desktop Application with VS 2019

Verfasst von Khaled Khalifa am 10. Januar 2019
At Orange Networks automation is a daily task that comes to the Development team naturally but also trying out the new trends and frameworks to offer the best options to our customers.
IniConfigurator comes in the scope of simplifying the configuration task by providing developers, technicians a simple desktop interface to parametrize a single or multiple INI files in a way that prevent unexpected syntax errors.
Implementation wise, we used .NET Core 3.0 and Visual Studio 2019 in their preview version.
Overall, the use of the new interface and the new design are convenient. However, it is not possible to create WPF and Windows forms apps based on .NET Core directly from Visual Studio 2019. You still need to use CLI. Besides, the real time design tool still not supported by VS 2019 for .NET core desktop projects which is very big constraint during development.
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