Azure SQL Database vs local SQL Service

Comparing using of Azure SQL Database vs Hybrid connection with a local SQL Service on premise

Formerly every organization needed to have a server installed on the premises and to run the app internally. If the organization had multiple offices in the region or in other countries, then it needed a VPN network to organize their work.  Nowadays, there is a solution so you can have your own space on Cloud Computing and there you can have your web application, your serverless application and so on. In this post, we are going to discuss the ways of having the database of your application.


Azure App with SQL Server on premises

  • You need to have the infrastructure, server etc.,
  • You should have a synchronized backup SQL Server,
  • You should have a backup internet connectivity
  • You should ensure security to the system,
  • You should provide a un electric power supply to the server and the infrastructure,
  • You should shave a static public IP address,
  • You should have a server administrator,
  • You should have a network administrator,
  • You should have an electrician.
 Azure App with Azure SQL Server
  • The database is located on the Cloud Network,
  • You should have internet connectivity,
  • You should have a backup internet connectivity,
  • You should have an IT Administrator,
  • You should have an electrician.

Summarizing all, having the SQL Database on your premises give real headache to the companies because, you need to have a 24x7 administration and maintenance of the system.

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